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Welcome to the New World!

“On February 8th, 2014, at 6:02am GMT, the entire planet was shrouded in unnatural darkness. The darkness blocked out the sun, and neither the stars nor the moon were visible. Many believed it to be the end of the world. Governments blamed each other, thinking it to be the effect of some secret weapon. Riots, rapes, beatings, and murders were commonplace. Emergency call centers were flooded with reports of monsters roaming the streets and skies. Numerous people simply disappeared.

It was also during this darkness that thousands of people learned that they had become inhuman monsters. Many of them were killed before they knew what had happened to them. Some were killed by mobs of terrified humans, others took their own lives. Those that survived learned that they could return to their human forms. These shape-changing beings are called the Nightbane, for it was at night that they become monsters."

As was predicted by Edgar Cayce, famous psychic sensitive, in the reading titled “Ira Deorum” in Feb of 1914:

One century hence, a day will come when the stars fall from the sky, and the moon will bleed with pitch. On that day there will be great lamentations, and none who are living shall escape the destruction. Man shall fight his brother, mother will smother her daughter, and children shall flee the wrath of their parents. Great beasts will come from the depths of hell, and the war shall start. For three days and two nights the darkness reigns, but the sun shall rise once more, and the children of men and God will strive thence for a short while. If none who fight are valiant, and if all forget their purpose, the darkness shall return, and devour the earth for all eternity.

The world of The Covens is in upheval. Four months of war ravaged the face of what was once a calm and unsuspecting world before the bridge to the Nightlands was created. With what happened at the Throne, alliances and animosities have shifted. Why did the Crepusculans summon forth the Night Lords? How will the world react to the monsters and beasts now roaming their neighborhoods? Will the Vampires be able to shut the gates to the Nightlands, or will the Lords of the Dark exterminate the Vampires and what feeble hope the Human Race has with it?

Join with us, and the Vampires, the Brotherhood of Light, the Vatican, and the rag-tag bands of Nightbane and human groups and companies that cropped up after ‘Dark Day’ to save mortal agency and the future of Earth!

This campaign is based on the Nightbane book series by Palladium Books.

With artwork from assorted artists, including the GM and the Players. The characters are original creations, and the works herein contained, unless otherwise noted, are intellectual property of the persons involved.

It is a sequel to the Campaign run in 2013 by Gaitkeeper, Bad Blood:: War of the Covens

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